Involved in the world of food photography for more years than she cares to admit, Marie-Louise Avery has grown up alongside the huge growth of interest in food and food imagery in Britain. 
She grew up in a foodie family before the word foodie was a thing, and kept finding herself drawn into jobs and activities where food was the driving mechanism. As an art editor for Paul Hamlyn at Octopus Books in the seventies, she was commissioning the first really beautiful art food photographs where the pictures told stories about the circumstances of the food - much more than just a record of a recipe. 
In the eighties  she was art director at Good Housekeeping, commissioning more really beautiful photographs, but moving ahead of the trend into a world of natural, immediate fresh daylight pictures of real food, and was getting an itchy shutter finger!
By the nineties she was established as a successful food photographer in her own right,  producing lively, natural, real photographs for numerous magazines and books, often featuring people and children, often on location, in places as various as Vermont, Provence, Tuscany, Capetown and Sweden. Sometimes travelling with her writer husband, Andro Linklater, on his research and travel story trips. 
The 21st century brought a slightly more settled existence, with the purchase of a beautiful studio near London's Barbican, with tall windows on all sides and all that is needed to produce exceptional food photographs. 

"I never get tired of food photography, every job brings new and interesting problems to solve, every client cares greatly about their product and I enjoy the responsibility of giving them the best I can. I love the changing tides of fashion and I believe my experience and love of food give me an edge that will bring a special quality to your job"
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